Girls aged 17-26 in December 2017 can now enter Miss Preston.


A fantastic opportunity to take part in a Glamorous 4 scene catwalk fashion show and awards ceremony, raise money for charity and meet new friends from across the North West of England.


We can only have a limited number of girls appearing on the catwalk at the Final. So Enter NOW by filling out the form below.


Good Luck!


Please attach 2 photos (one head and shoulders photo and one full length). All photos must be clear and of high quality. You will be contacted by Mary from MDC Events Ltd as soon as possible after we receive your entry.


Please send your entries in as soon as possible.




Comments or questions are welcome.

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Miss England Rules of Eligibility.


Qualifications for eligibility are that each contestant:-


a) Shall not be less than 17 years of age nor more than 26 years of age on the 1st December 2017.


b) Shall not have participated as a National in a National Contest conducted by an authorised Licensee within and on the soil of the mainland of her National Area (unless special permission has been given in writing by the Promoter due to extenuating circumstances) within 12 months prior to the holding of The Miss England Contest.


c) Shall be a British citizen and reside in England.


d) Shall have won or been elected as a winner of her Area Heat Contest elected specifically to participate in the appropriate Miss England Contest or be first runner-up if the winner is prevented by reasons beyond her control from participating (subject to the right as the Promoter to waive or amend the requirement if in its absolute discretion nominated persons are unable unfit or otherwise unqualified to participate in The Miss England contest and subject to the right of the Promoter to reject without giving any reason any application by a contestant to enter The Miss England Contest)


e) Shall be of good character and possessed of charm poise personality and have beauty of face and figure


f) Shall be a person whose background is not likely to bring in to disrepute The Miss England Contest or Title or the Licensee or the Promoter or any person associated with them.


g) Shall be a person:


1. Who usually uses the prefix Miss (or equivalent) before her name


2. Who has never been through any ceremony either valid or invalid and whether civil religious or tribal which is recognised as a marriage ceremony in any part of the world.


3. Who has never given birth to a child.


4. Has never taken part in any Contest for qualification to represent another country.


5. Who has never previously won The Miss England Contest.


6. Who has never posed nude or topless.


SAVE THAT the Promoter in its absolute discretion may waive or amend any of these conditions (if in his/her opinion such waiver or amendment is conducive to the successful running of the Contest).