Celebrating Friends – by Junior Miss Preston.

Guys, gals! Hope you’re all well! <3


First thing… I would like to congratulate…


• Our new Miss Bolton & Bury 2016 – BETH DOVE.
• Our new Junior Miss Bolton & Bury 2016 – PAIGE HOLDEN.
And.. Last but not least
• Our new MISS ENGLAND – our very own Miss Preston LIZZIE GRANT.


Well done girls!!


In the past couple of weeks I have been all over the place with different events!! A couple of Saturday’s ago I went to the Miss Bolton & Bury Final to watch all the incredible girls take part in an amazing show! Wowwww well done you stunning lot. Every single one of you walked away a winner that night! You did absolutely amazing throughout the whole day! <3


Next stop (straight after the final) I went to my big sister’s (Lizzie) charity event in Glovers, Preston. The night was amazing and there was such a good turn out. Well done Lizzzzzzyyy! <3


Then, I was off to the Miss England final’s a week later!


ALL FOUR OF MY GORGEOUS TEAM NORTH GIRLS WERE THERE!! It made me so so proud watching them on stage <3


Miss North West – Christina Cunningham, Miss Preston – Elizabeth Grant and Miss Lancashire – Lucy Physick all got through to the top 20, and Miss Southport Chloe did incredible well too!!


Lucy won three awards as well as second runner up and Lizzy won the overall title! Well done you four amazing, inspirational ladies you really did an incredible job on the night and you all looked stunning!! <3


Here’s some photos of my few events which I’ve talked about!!



Speak very soon, lots of love, Junior Miss Preston, Elli xxx



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