Elli, our newly crowned Junior Miss Preston 2016

Hello everyone,


So, on Sunday 17th April I was crowned your new Junior Miss Preston 2016/17!

The phenomenal Abbie Kerr, the outgoing Junior Miss Preston 2015/16, handed her title over to me in hope I will fulfil my duties, as an ambassador for Preston, to the best of my abilities and I know I definitely have big boots to fill; Abbie has been amazing and an unbelievable role model!!






On the day of the final, I was up bright and early ready for a mega busy day full of rehearsing for the show that was taking place that night. (Which was amazing thanks to Kerry 😉 ) I got up that morning, packed up my suitcase and set off to the Playhouse Theatre in Preston; my rollers in, tan done, dresses in hand… Wow how stereo-typical?! Once I had arrived at the Playhouse Theatre I was greeted by the wonderful Mary and struggled to the changing rooms with all my things. Excitedly, I rushed back up the stairs to meet the rest of the lovely girls again where we all chatted and waited for ‘The Big Boss’ to tell us the instructions for the day… I was so so excited!






After we’d waited for what felt like forever we set to rehearsing until lunch where the only thing on the menu was DOMINOS PIZZAAA! The morning was hard work myself and all the girls tried mega hard but still weren’t perfect.
We all sat and had our pizza exchanged memories and experiences and got to know each other even more; I couldn’t have spent the day with a better group of girls.




After we had finished lunch we got back to rehearsing with full bellies! The afternoon went so so fast and so so well! We smashed it- all the girls were incredibly enthusiastic. Finally, it was time to get ourselves glammed up for the big night!! We had pictures in our evening wear then hopped into our sportswear ready for the first round of the show. The next thing I knew the show had begun and I was bouncing around on the stage in sportswear, then strutting my stuff in the party round, then being elegant and graceful in my gorgeous evening wear.



The whole evening went so fast and before I knew it the awards were being announced…
Junior Miss Personality- Emily Hanigan.
Junior Miss Popularity- Rachel Simpson.
Junior Miss Charity- Elli Westwood.
Junior Miss Eco- Ellie Keeney.
Junior Miss Publicity- Elli Westwood.









In 3rd place was Megan Dunne!
In 2nd place was Hannah Wadsworth!
Then I heard Mark say, “The winner of Junior Miss Preston 2016 is……. ELLI WESTWOOD”



WOW! It was me. I won.I was the new Junior Miss Preston!!! I froze backstage, I had worked so hard however it was totally unexpected. It was so surreal, so overwhelming! I am still not over it now; I have had the biggest, oat huge smile on my face ever since!!






As one of my rewards for winning I was invited to the Miss Preston finals on Monday night where I was able to see my first ever heat as part of the audience and see the new Miss Preston (my new big sister) get crowned. Me, my mum and my dad was given front row seats to enjoy the show. All the girls did incredibly well and the show was wonderful! I enjoyed the whole 2 days and nights so much and the whole experience was so surreal. I can’t thank Mark. Mary and the whole of team north for this amazing opportunity and a huge thanks to my family for all the support!






I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate the new Miss Preston 2016/17, Elizabeth Grant, you really deserved the crown and I can’t wait to experience this year alongside you! Well done to all the incredible girls who were finalists in Junior Miss Preston- you were all winners! Also, well done to all the Miss Preston finalists you were incredible too!!






I cannot wait to see what this fantastic year will hold and will bring!! I am so so excited and really hope to be a role model and great ambassador for Preston.



Thank you for reading my first blog as Junior Miss P xxx

Your Junior Miss Preston 2016, Elli <3



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