Holly Moore is crowned the new Miss Preston 2015.

Hello everyone,


My name is Holly Moore, I’m 17 and I live in Preston. This year I took part in Miss Preston 2015 where I was chosen for 2nd place in the competition Final. 1st Place was Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, an incredible young woman and friend, who is so deserving of this wonderful title.


However, on Thursday night, I received an “urgent” phone call late at night. I was asked “have you ever written an encouragement about an opportunity arising and even though it’s scared the living daylights out of you, you’ve took it anyway?” Immediately, I thought no? But am I about to? So many things were attempting to run through my mind but I had no clue what I was about to be asked.


“Would you like to be Miss Preston and go through to the Miss England semi finals in two weeks?”


HOLD UP, WHAT? I’d be lying if I said my first reaction wasn’t to sob my little heart out.
After accepting, I had to keep it a secret for two days until I was crowned. The hardest thing I’ve ever been asked to do!!!


On Saturday 20th June, I was crowned outside Quiz where I work, by Dominique in front of all my family who I have never seen so proud in all my life. I wish I could say I remember Saturday as clear as day however I was so incredibly shocked and overwhelmed that everything was all a bit of a blur and the fact that I have finally received a title still hasn’t sunk in now, 3 days later.


Holly and Dominique. Miss Preston 2015

Being Crowned outside Quiz in Preston by Dominique. Such a mix of emotions.


Despite not being crowned at the Miss Preston final, that has not brought me down as I can truly tell you that I was awarded this title and crown by someone who is a true friend and it meant the world to have it passed to me from her.


I am fully aware of how much this role means to Dominique and I know that this is why she has resigned. She had so many plans and due to a new job felt she couldn’t give her all, and that is not Dominique, she puts her all into everything she does. I promise to her that I will really go all the way just as she intended to.


She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met and always has the best intentions. Although only holding the title for two months, she really was a deserving winner and deserves nothing but the best with the amount of work and effort she puts into everything and everyone.


Holly Moore - Miss Preston 2015

My family came to support me on Saturday. It was amazing to share this with them, they’re so supportive <3


My emotions are everywhere at the moment as I am still waiting for it all to sink in but after this series of unexpected events. I learnt a lot this weekend and I found the perfect “encouragement” to explain it.


“Don’t worry about when your time will come. Keep growing and preparing, and the right doors will open.”


My action plan is ready and I hope to bring lots of happiness and positivity with my title for the next year.


Holly Moore - Miss Preston 2015

Me and the girls who came to support me and Dominique. Love my Team North Family.

Finally, a huge thank you to Andy Bristow who attended the day to capture the moment for us. Thank you!

Love from your new Miss Preston,
Holly x x x



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