I’m growing in confidence, strength, and happiness – Miss Lancashire

Miss-Lancashire-Mary-Kate-McKay-2Miss Lancashire quote of the week:

‘Don’t ask for a decreased portion, ask for an increased plate size’

Don’t be intimidated by all the ‘Stuff’ in your world, instead be intelligent with your time and energy by transforming your perspective, give every item in your world a purpose, see them as an opportunity to increase your capacity.

Project of the week: All things new

So what’s new for Miss Lancashire .. oh you know, just about everything :). New Job, New church, New home, New City… New life! From country bumpkin to City girl in the space of 1 weekend. So here I am now taking on newer heights in the big city of Manchester.

I could allow myself to look up at a big mountain of all the things I’m choosing to conquer in a short space of time and start to feel overwhelmed, but instead I’m looking ahead at all the exciting opportunities ‘My choices’ are going to open up to me and those around me.


Each decision, I have made with a purpose in sight and I am confident that the hike up this mountain is going to grow and strengthen me… I’m looking forward to the view from the top, with the wonderful people I meet along the way. Be intentional and claim vision in your everyday, remember why you made each decision in the first place.

Have a super blessed week, love always Miss Lancashire Xx



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