Inspirations, Eco wear and charity fundraising: the Miss England Final is on it’s way!

Miss Lancashire - Mary-Kate Mckay

Miss Lancashire Quote of the week:

‘Always ensure that you finish well!’

Don’t get to the end of something you’ve worked so hard to achieve and complete it with a lazy attitude. Make sure that to complete with the same best intentions and attitude that you started with!

Project of the week: Preparation

This week has been a very productive week filled with lots of preparation ahead of the Miss England Final 2014. As the time drawers closer the excitement and butterflies are really starting to kick in – the anticipation as you patiently await the 4 day final.

Miss Lancashire - Mary-Kate Mckay

Miss Lancashire – Mary-Kate Mckay

My most favourite part of the final is meeting 60 new incredibly inspiring women. Each with a powerful vision, which I’m excited to encourage them to kick butt to achieve!

So starting with preparing my Eco wear for the final, I have taken inspiration from different inspirations in my own life… You’ll just have to wait and see how it turns our in 6 weeks time 🙂

Miss Lancashire - Mary-Kate Mckay - Eco Wear 2013

Miss Lancashire – Mary-Kate McKay – Eco Wear 2013

Next I had my hair matched up for natural hair extensions…. Let me stop you right there before your mind runs away with you… I’m a girl who’s never worn fake tan, makeup, had false nails or dare I say hair extensions in my hair until I was 23yrs old… Now I’m nearly 24 and I’m taking pride in my appearance, whilst enjoying exploring different beauty products and presenting video blogs on them.

And finally Fundraising!

This week marked the end of my Charity 5 Race Running challenge, raising money for the amazing Children’s charity Beauty With A Purpose. And to celebrate my family came down to support my last race, ending on a high right in my home town where my Miss England journey all began… PRESTON!!

Miss Lancashire - Mary-Kate Mckay - Final Running Challenge

Miss Lancashire – Mary-Kate McKay – Final Running Challenge

Great news is, even though the challenge is completed the sponsorship page is still open so please continue to support me – Thank you!!

Much love,

MK xx



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