Junior Miss North West – by Molly Hilton

Hi everyone! So it feels like it’s been ages since I posted a blog as so much has happened! To begin my Cardiac Risk in the Young charity ball took place on Saturday 11th October and it was amazing! Everything went really, really well! We ended up raising £687.30 in profit for CRY which is an absolute honour for me. Not only this but the evening was extremely successful and enjoyed by many. Our incredible raffle was a huge success and made £242.30 in ticket sales! Overall our auctions made £295 also. I would love to thank every single person who had any involvement, it wouldn’t of been possible without you.

Junior Miss Preston Seed, Cry and JMNW 3


Junior Miss Preston - JMNW

Junior Miss Preston – Molly Hilton

I also took part in the Junior Miss North West finals on Sunday 19th October. On Saturday 18th October we had an interview day which was fantastic! I got to meet all the girls and have an incredible day. I felt like the day helped myself and a lot of the other girls with not only the competition but in general everyday life. On the interview day we spoke a lot about self confidence which I have learnt a lot about since being part of Team North West. I hope that I helped the girls even just the slightest bit.

Junior Miss Preston - JMNW

JMNW Activity Day.

Quick note – Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself today to yourself yesterday and always aim to be the best version of you possible. In preparation for the Junior Miss North West final I had raised £221.70 for Variety, the children’s charity doing various different things. Meanwhile I had created an Eco dress from bendy straws stapled on individually and hamma beads which took me many many hours as you can imagine. It was worth the tiny burns from the iron and the staples poking at my skin, like they say, no pain no gain.

Junior Miss Preston - JMNW

Junior Miss North West Eco 2014.

So then 19th came and it was Show day! We had hours of rehearsing and of course a break for Dominos pizza! Then after rehearsals we all went to get ready. I did my make up and hair myself. We had some pictures taken and then that was it…SHOW TIME! We did all four different dress scenes through the show and then crowning time came. Unfortunately I didn’t get placed but amazingly I won the award for my Eco outfit. I am now Junior Miss Eco North West 2014/15. I absolutely loved the weekend and it showed me how much I love being a part of Team North West and I plan on being for as long as I can!

Junior Miss Preston - JMNW

Evening wear

I won a Mac Duggal bag from The Dress Studio through Instagram which I adore, it’s beautiful and massive!

Junior Miss Preston - JMNW

Mac Dougal bag!

My quote for this week – ‘Anything you truly want is worth fighting for’ I chose this because win or lose in anything you do you should never give up on your dreams. Thank you for reading my blog, have a fabulous week! Lots of love, Molly Hilton! X



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