Junior Miss Preston 2015/16 ending her reign like a Princess

Well… where to start!



The past year has been an unforgettable roller coaster ride from back in April 2015 being crowned Junior Miss Preston 2015/16 to now in April 2016 where in a couple of weeks time I will be back at the playhouse theatre ready (as ill ever be) to hand over to Junior Miss Preston 2016/17 and I can not wait to find out who it will be and see what the year brings for them. I’m sure it will be an amazing one.









Id like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to a couple of people and places who have made my journey extra special and who without them, my experiences wouldn’t have been the same.
To begin with I would like to thank my sponsor, ‘Your Dream Dress’ in Penwortham who not only provided me with a beautiful dress for one of my prizes for winning Junior miss Preston. But have constantly been supportive and involved me in various prom and wedding shows and allowed me to use this as an opportunity for appearances. Thank you for all your support.



I would also like to say a huge thank you to Andy Bristow. Another prize for winning Junior Miss Preston was a portfolio with himself and its safe to say that the photoshoot experience with Andy and Dominique was something I will never ever forget. Not only did I get the chance to shoot at TOPSHOP, which is something I never in my dreams expected, it was an incredible day filled with laughter and positivity and something that will stay with me forever. Thank you Andy for all your hard work you do for all the girls and myself and your constant support throughout my year.







There are many many other people I would love to thank who have contributed to making my year a perfect one (they know who they are) but this year would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Mark, Mary and the whole of Team North. I cant thank any of you enough for helping me and guiding me throughout my year as being Junior Miss Preston, you’re not just my friends, but my family and I really have made some lifelong friendships which I will forever cherish. These heats have changed my life for the better and I cant believe how much more of a confident, positive, and passionate person I have become thanks to everyone in Team North and words can’t describe how thankful I am. It’s been an honour getting to know each member of Team North and recognising all of his or her incredible strengths and individualities, which make them all unique and so so beautiful. So THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU!







The last thank you goes to my wonderful mum. Without her, I wouldn’t have built up the confidence to do this in the first place and she knows just as much as I do, this time 2 years ago I would have never set foot near a stage or catwalk, but with her continued support and amazingness she has helped me and my confidence grow to what it is today and I cant put into words how grateful I am for everything she’s done for me. From the second I got a place in the final to this day she has continuously supported me with my Junior Miss Preston journey and been there every step of the way for me.








Becoming Junior Miss Preston has not just taught me to be the ‘Best Version of Myself’ but has taught me to be confident, built up my self-esteem, and made me proud to be unique (in other words… a little crazy;))



If anyone is ever wondering what these heats are actually like and reading this thinking its something you would enjoy- STOP WONDERING – STOP THINKING – DO IT!!!!! If you never try you never know. But I warn you, you’ll get the bug after one and will never want to stop, so be warned 😉 haha!! Don’t hesitate to message me for some more information about these heats, I would love to persuade you;).IMG_0620

All that’s left to say is again, thank you to all the people who have contributed and made my year as wonderful and unforgettable as it has been. I can’t wait to see who will take the Junior Miss Preston 2016/17 title but after meeting all the girls I know for a fact its going to be someone wonderful. I wish whoever that is all the luck in the world with their title and I hope you have an incredible year and do everything you set out to do. Be yourself. I will be here every step of the way for any guidance and support you may need but I know without a doubt whoever it is will be incredible.



(For one last time <3)


Lots of love,
Your Junior Miss Preston 2015/16
Abbie xxx



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