Junior Miss Preston – 9 Day Body Cleanse.

Hi everyone,


So recently I have been doing a lot of video blogs (vlogs)! However I have been very busy these past couple of weeks so haven’t had chance to make and edit a video.


I am currently on day seven of a nine day full body cleanse. I began it on Wednesday 18th March and I am loving how it’s making me feel and the results so far! I’m very excited to complete my cleanse and to share my results. I have also made a video showing my progress during the cleanse! (Just so you know, I made the video after I had finished the cleanse and since updated my blog for you all! 🙂 Hope you enjoy it!)


Junior Miss Preston - C9


The cleanse I am doing is called C9 and is made by a company called Forever Living. I bought my C9 off a business called Forever By Ky which is ran by a lovely lady who has been very helpful throughout my whole cleanse so far.


I also bought a teeth whitening product and won a face mask and bath gel of Forever By Ky which I will also talk about in my video blog.


Junior Miss Preston - C9


I am unfortunately also preparing to hand my title over…boo hoo!! 🙁 However, I am very excited for the final and to see which amazing ladies will be our new additions to the Team North family and crowned Miss and Junior Miss Preston!


Lastly I would just like to say thank you to all of you who read/watch my blogs as I really appreciate it.



Lots of love,
Molly x



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