Junior Miss Preston Becomes An Anti-Bullying Ambassador

Elli, or Junior Miss Preston, ventured all the way to Cardiff and endured a 4.5 hour car journey to attend her first ever meeting as an anti-bullying ambassador for charity Bullies Out.


Posting about the event on social media, Elli said:


“Such a motivating day today in Cardiff.

I had the pleasure of meeting many inspiring young people today and I am sure that as time goes on I will have met friends for life.

Today, was a very special day for me as it was my first meeting with the Young Ambassadors team of Bullies Out and what an amazing day it has been  so worth the long 4 and a half hour journey!

I have learnt an awful lot and already started planning and making goals which I will talk more about it as time goes on!  I have so many exciting ideas, eek! I am feeling so, so privileged to be part of such a fab organisation and I just can’t wait to get stuck in!

So, thank you, Bullies Out, thank you, YAs, thank you, Cardiff…. AND A VERY VERY SPECIAL THANK YOUUU TO MY MUM AND DAD for driving me aaaaalllll the way there and aaaaallll the way back today! You stars, I do really appreciate it.
Let’s start raising awareness!! “


Check out some photos from the event:










If you would make a great Junior Miss Preston, make sure to apply here!



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