Junior Miss Preston Guild backs local talent in their ambition to become musicians!

This week I want to dedicate my blog to three young, upcoming and most importantly, local artists who I think are amazing and I want you to have a look at their work and SHARE IT!

Aaron Mosley

Aaron Mosley - Singer - Friend of Junior Miss Preston Guild

Aaron Mosley

Aaron is a great friend of mine who has just recently started doing covers of famous R&B songs on his Soundcloud page. He has an amazing soulful voice and he is only 19 and currently studying music at college.

As well as covering his favourite songs Aaron has been working hard writing fresh material, some of which he is planning to release soon, working around people he knows who produce and make music themselves and looking to be collaborating to make a fresh sound!

On top of all that he finds time to gig in college and is hoping to get out more into bars and clubs to gig.

His main inspirations come from music his parents played to him as a kid for example the band A-ha and Michael Jackson  but growing up he has always listen to Wu Tang, Drake, Usher, Aaliyah  and says that Hip Hop is what’s driving him to be him and greater than the big names he looks up to.

He would love to look back on his career and be proud that he has gone a long way from dancing in the front room to Backstreet boys. Have a look at his Soundcloud page and watch out for his name in the near future!!


Jade Parr


Jade Parr - Singer - Friend of Junior Miss Preston Guild

Jade Parr – Singer



The amazing Jade has a voice of gold at just 17, which blows a lot of artists out of the water! The winner of Lytham’s Got Talent 2010 she has performed up and down the country since the age of 8 working hard to make sure she reaches her dream while still doing what she loves.

She has performed for a wide range of people, charities and organisations since a young age; Evening Gazette travel and tourism exhibition, MacMillan Nurses Charity Night, Saturday Night Live with Russell Grant at Preston Guild Hall, Lytham Christmas Lights Switch on, St Annes Christmas Lights Switch on to name a few as well as doing  a lot of work to raise money for charities using her talent for example Breast Cancer and Dahilas Kitchen Blackpool.

Truly an inspirational, hard-working young lady. I think its only a matter of time before we will be hearing her on the radio! Have a look at Jade’s facebook page and like it to keep up to date with what she is up to.   www.facebook.com/jadeleighmusicpage

Michael Honnah

Michael Honnah - Friend of Junior Miss Preston Guild

Michael Honnah


Michael Anthony Honnah is a 19 year old with a head of a 50 year old hip-hop mogul! He has loved music from a young age gaging inspiration from the likes of Erykha Badu and John Mayer who drove him to start writing his own music and making YouTube videos of him with his guitar.

He has come a long way in his career already after having a few knock backs he has managed to release one EP and is planning an album ‘Lost Boys’ later this year.

One track from the album ‘story time’ is on his soundcloud page already to preview! As well as all this he’s heading a music label ‘MXHXM’ which already has 6 artists signed to it and is ready for publishing soon, the link is below!

With a God fearing spirit and the ability to trust his talent Michael is a good example of how when you want something you go and get it. I don’t think the world is ready yet but I’m telling you now he will be bigger than you can imagine, mark my words!

Keep a watch on all his material and see what I’m hyping about below, keep your eyes peeled for this amazing yet so humble talent!

label pages:



personal pages:






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