Junior Miss Preston Helps At Spanish Food Drive

There’s no rest for the wicked! Despite being away in sunnier climates for a holiday, our Miss Junior Preston Elli Westwood caught wind of an initiative that were collecting food for those struggling to make ends meet this Christmas.


So, she decided to take her leftover spending money from the holiday, head to the supermarket, and buy some food to donate to those less fortunate than herself.


Posting a vlog in the sunshine from a subbed in sunny Spain, she talks more about her last minute holiday charity work:



Posting about the adventure on social media, she said:


“I saw that the hotel I am staying in on holiday was doing a food collection for the underprivileged on the island and I just HAD to get involved!

The hotel were collecting for families and individuals who will not have a meal around the festive period. So I decided to go to the supermarket this morning and spend my left over euros on four bags full of food to contribute to the hotel’s collection.

When I dropped off the bags this morning the hotel staff were ever so pleased as was I to be helping out a cause so close to my heart which I do so much work for back in England!”


Do our Preston queens ever stop?!


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