Junior Miss Preston talks about Graduation, Charity and Friendship.

Congratulations to everyone on their graduations! It’s a massive day that signifies the hard work you have put it over the past few years had paid off, so enjoy yourselves and treasure every minute!

Special congratulations to my fellow sister Miss Bolton Lucy Physick who is graduating this week you deserve every praise you have worked so hard, enjoy your day!

Junior Miss Preston Guild - Miss Bolton

Junior Miss Preston Guild, Ivy with Miss Bolton, Lucy Physick

This weekend I had the brilliant opportunity to be a ring girl for a charity boxing match in aid of A Soldier’s Journey. A Soldier’s Journey is founded by Former Sergeant Rick Clement of The Duke of Lancaster’s Regiment who, in May 2010, was severely injured in Afghanistan.

Junior Miss Preston Guild - A Soldier's Journey

Junior Miss Preston Guild – A Soldier’s Journey

Junior Miss Preston Guild - A Soldier's JourneyShe has made it his and everyone who is involved with A Soldiers Journey’s mission to support ANY SERVING OR EX-SERVING ARMED FORCES PERSONEL. They help people suffering from POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER (also known as the invisible wound.)

They help people who have lost loved ones through the Armed Forces, people who are struggling to adapt to civilian life and many more. It’s such an amazing charity created by a man with an amazing story and heart! go into the website read through and please donate what you can!

Junior Miss Preston Guild - A Soldier's Journey

Junior Miss Preston Guild - A Soldier's Journey

You can donate here:


Sometimes when everything’s gets too much all you need is a couple friends and a drive to the beach just before sunset!

It makes you realise that no matter how bad things are there’s soo much beauty around you that if you just appreciate it makes those troubles seem small, besides it’s just a bad day not a bad year!

Junior Miss Preston Guild

Junior Miss Preston Guild – Always keep Smiling

Junior Miss Preston Guild

Sunset – Just Keep Smiling

Everyone’s wants happiness no one wants pain – but you can’t have a rainbow without a little rain! 🙂

Much love, stay happy and strong and until next time,

Ivy xx



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