Junior Miss Preston talks about her Valedictory after leaving school.

Hey everyone,

This week I’m going to start my blog about my valedictory (PROM)! It was on the 4th of July and was such an incredible night.

In preparation I had my acrylic nails put on; a spray tan; my eyebrows tinted and shaped; weekend lashes applied and had a trial run for my hair.

Fortunately for me my ‘weekend’ lashes lasted up to two weeks! I had most of my treatments and the salon I work at, Diamond Beautique, which is an incredible salon. Please visit our website and get yourself down to one of our two amazing sister salons.


Junior Miss Preston - Prom

Junior Miss Preston – Prom – Make-up

Junior Miss Preston - Prom

Junior Miss Preston – Prom – Diamond Beautique

Back to my prom! On the day I woke up in the morning and I was so excited. I washed the top layer of my spray tan off and at 1:30pm went to get my hair done at Red Hair Company. I had my hair put up by Alli and I absolutely loved it!


After I had my hair done I went straight to the Diamond Beautique salon in Churchtown where I had my make up done by Beccie-Jayne. It couldn’t have been more perfect!

Junior Miss Preston - Prom

Junior Miss Preston – Prom – Hair

After this I got home and quickly put my dress on and accessories. My stunning dress which I fell in love with from the moment I saw it and my gorgeous hand bag were both from The Dress Studio in Warrington.


I put my shoes on and somehow managed to get downstairs without tripping or standing on my dress! Woo! After a few individual pictures my best friends began to arrive.

Junior Miss Preston - Prom

Junior Miss Preston – Prom – The Dress

We had lots of photographs taken and a glass of fizz each. Inside my friendship group there’s a total of ten of us. Therefore we named ourselves ‘The Ten’. We also all have individual numbers… I am nine!

Because our valedictory was a special day for all of us which we got to spend together, I wanted to make something for the girls which they could keep forever.

Junior Miss Preston - Prom

Junior Miss Preston – Prom

So during the week before hand I got ten small champagne glasses and decorated them personally to each person. For each one I put the persons ‘number’ and their initials surrounded my silver rhinestones and pink heart shaped pearls. It took me forever to do but it was worth it!

Our pink hummer limousine arrived so we set off to the venue, Shore Hill Golf Club in Chorley. The venue was beautiful! It was great to be with everyone again for one last time and I had a fabulous night filled with a lot of dancing, talking and a delicious three course meal.

Junior Miss Preston - Prom

Junior Miss Preston – Prom – Transportation!

The night sadly came to an end but it was perfect and I wouldn’t change a single part of it if I could! I just want to thank everyone who had a part to play involving my valedictory and a special thank you to my parents.

My parents made this night one of the best night of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Recently God has gained another angel. The other day I found out that a close friend and an amazing role model, father and man had sadly passed away.

He was such an incredible man who inspired many and I am blessed to have known him. He filled everybody’s lives with joy and he was always there for me and many others. He was a credit to his family and he will be deeply missed by many.

I send my prayers and all my love to his friends and family. R.I.P Gary Clarkson.

This week I have chosen to share this quote,

‘Life’s too short to not forgive the people you love’.

I chose this quote because it’s true! Life is short and many forget that; live everyday like your last and make sure you let people know you love them. Life is a gift to all and we should definitely make the most of it and not take every day for granted.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my blog and that you have a fabulous start to your summer holidays!

Love from,
Molly Hilton, your Junior Miss Preston x



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