Junior Miss Preston’s Amazing Journey To Winning The Title.

Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston 5

Hello everyone, I’m Abbie Kerr, the new Junior Miss Preston 2015/16.


On Friday the 3rd April I was crowned the new Junior Miss Preston, and lets just say it most definitely has NOT sunk in yet! I honestly still cannot believe it! This is my first ever blog so I thought I would take the time to let you all know a little bit about myself and my Junior Miss Preston experience!


I am 16 years old, half way through an apprenticeship working at a ‘Sure Start’ Children’s Centre, supporting families and children which I absolutely LOVE. I attended Our Lady’s Catholic High School and then moved to Broughton Business and Enterprise College to complete my GCSEs.


I am most definitely a people person, I absolutely love making new friends. Growing up I came to a point where I began to lack a lot of confidence and self-belief. Before deciding to enter Junior Miss Preston, I had been to watch a few ‘Miss’ shows before, including Miss Preston 2013/14 and Miss North West 2014/15! I had seen how happy every single girl competing looked and how much fun it looked!


I began reading up a lot more about Team North and soon realised why… it was because this wasn’t any old ‘Beauty Pageant,’ this was so so much more! It wasn’t at all about how beautiful you were on the outside or how skinny you were, it was about how beautiful you were on the inside!


The Activity Day
2 weeks before the final, on a Saturday morning, the time had come to meet all the girls! I was so so excited to finally meet everyone in person, as the month before, leading up to it, all of the girls- Miss’ and Juniors- had been talking on a group chat getting to know each other a little more and breaking the ice!


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston

Party Wear with Alex 🙂 Photo Credit – Hayley Taylor Photography


The activity day included a lot of team building activities, getting to put names to faces, a quick photo-shoot by the wonderful Andy Bristow, and of course…. The interviews!! I thoroughly enjoyed my day with all the Juniors, Mark, Mary, Steph, Andy and the Judges, and came away feeling blessed, I couldn’t have been placed with a lovelier group of girls to compete in my very first ‘Beauty With a Purpose.’ This made me even more excited!


The Final
The final was finally here and I hadn’t been so excited, yet so nervous in so so long! All my outfits and charity work was complete and this was the first time we would ALL be together! The day went so so fast and before I knew it it was time for the results. I can genuinely say I wasn’t expecting anything at all because all the girls were so amazing and also because that wasn’t the reason I entered the competition!


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston

Eco Wear with Sky Mitchell Hosting 🙂   Photo Credit – Hayley Taylor Photography


The main reason I entered was not only to have heaps of fun, but to gain confidence for myself.  Considering I had just been on stage in front of 200 people I 100% think it worked.  2 years ago I could never in a million years have pictured myself doing that!!… What happened next was just a complete and utter bonus!


The awards were flowing and I was extremely proud of all the girls! To me, everyone was a winner. Junior Miss Personality Preston was next to be announced.  My name was read out.  I was in total shock!! I felt so so honoured to have been given such a meaningful award chosen by the Junior girls themselves.  I really was extremely happy!


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston

Winning my Miss Personality Sash. 🙂 Photo Credit – Hayley Taylor Photography

It was then time for the big result!  All the girls were stood backstage in a circle, holding hands, waiting for Mark to announce the winner. It felt like a lifetime……….. WHAT?! I had just won Junior Miss Preston! ME?! What on Earth had just happened? I really could not believe it! I finally got myself onto stage,  in total shock received my sash and crown off the beautiful Molly Hilton (Junior Miss Preston 2013/14.) I walked to the front of the stage crying, to see my family crying with me! We were all in total shock!!!


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston

My first catwalk as Junior Miss Preston 2015. Photo Credit – Hayley Taylor Photography


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston

(L-R) Charlotte Richardson, me, Molly Hilton the outgoing Junior Miss Preston, and Jasmine Critchley 🙂 Photo Credit – Hayley Taylor Photography


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston

With Miss Preson’s Dress Sponsors, Your Dream Dress, who kindly sponsored Dress vouchers to the winners 🙂 Photo Credit – Hayley Taylor Photography


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston

Diamond Beautique were also a Sponsor for Miss Preston 🙂 Photo Credit – Hayley Taylor Photography


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my first blog and I would love to hear from you all soon.


Thank you all so much, I can’t wait for the next year and to make the most of my title! My sister Dominique, and myself have some big ideas and I can’t wait for them to come to life and be a part of the wonderful Team North!


Abbie Kerr - Junior Miss Preston 2

Me with my mum 🙂

Thank you all so much again-
Lots of love, Abbie. – Junior Miss Preston 2015/16 x



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