Junior Miss Preston’s first step into the Inspirational Woman’s world

Hey everyone! <3

Hope you’re all well.

This is my latest blog where I will tell you all about last Wednesday (an amazing day).



Sooooooooo, a couple of weeks ago a teacher at school invited me to a networking event about ‘Inspirational Women’. I was so overwhelmed at the fact that out of my whole school I was chosen as one of the three girls to be picked to attend this event.



There was several women who talked to us about their lives, who all grew up to become successful ladies in whatever path they all chose in life, however the one pattern that did occur was that not one of these women chose to be a stay-at-home mum or housewife (not that there is anything wrong with being any of that)!! The point is that none of these ladies let any obstacles get in their way.






After they told us about their lives and explained their experiences to us we were given the opportunity to partake in one to one chats/interviews with all of the women asking them any questions we wanted to know; this part of the morning was the best and | really did find it so interesting. I honestly couldn’t believe how much I learnt in the four minutes I talked to each of them.



All of the ladies stories were so incredibly inspirational and they were all insanely successful and clever! I learnt so much from each and every one of them!




Me being the busy bee I am I had to leave this event early, before lunch, as I was needed at an appearance at a primary school in Bolton along with the current Miss Preston: Elizabeth Grant, Miss Lancashire: Lucy Physick, Miss North West: Christina Cunningham and Miss Publicity Preston: Jenny Needham. Us girls were invited to the school by one of the teachers who wanted us to help teach a catwalk confidence lesson to the year 4 children.



This experience was truly an amazing one which I shared with the best group of girls! The afternoon started with the children asking us all some questions about the Miss England heats, our titles and upcoming heats and finals! After this followed myself, Elizabeth, Lucy, Christina and Jenny strutting our stuff on a catwalk to show the children how its done which then followed by us watching lots and lots of excited children also strut their stuff down the catwalk! – they are all absolutely fab!!! 🙂 🙂






The whole afternoon was based on teaching the children that it is important to have confidence and be confident in themselves! I for one think this is very important!



Finally, they wanted photos with us which took a very, very, very long time; in true Miss style it is safe to say we all developed shaky face and had very sore cheek bones! 😉 Hahaha!

Once we had finished the children presented us with flowers and invitations to their catwalk show later on this year! – how lovely is that?!



All this happened in one day (a very good day might I add).



Since Wednesday I have been mega busy and have lots more to update you on however for now this is it as I felt it would be a good idea to base my blog on just one of busy days this week!



Ps- I hope everybody has enjoyed their bank holiday weekend – I have been so busy as it has been my mum’s birthday this weekend!!



Speak soon,



Your Junior Miss Preston 2016, Elli xXx



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