Miss England on Tour – Miss Lancashire.

Miss Lancashire quote of the week:
‘You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, for such a time as this’

Project of the week: Miss England on Tour ‘For such a time as this’

Ever felt like your exactly where you’re supposed to be, no matter how unexpected the circumstance you find yourself in, is?…

… Well that’s exactly how I felt as I stepped foot onto the Air Mauritius Flight, alongside the Miss England Team and my Miss England sisters, Carina and Holly.

Never did I ever imagine I would have the opportunity in life to make my way across the Indian ocean to Mauritius. What I discovered there amongst paradise was a deeper compassion for people.

Take away the clear blue ocean, the palm trees and crystal white sand, and what remains is an island built on an authentic ancient culture of positivity with an incredibly giving nature engrained in the people who live there.

I have been blown away, challenged, encouraged and fallen even more in love with people!

Here’s a glimpse into our trip together.



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