Miss Preston at the Royal Ascot Ladies Day

Hello guys!



The other day I got introduced to some incredible ladies at the Royal Ascot Ladies Day which was around the corner from me, so it would be rude not to attend.




It was Sandy’s first appearance as well and she got a lot of love from myself and some beautiful ladies I was sat with. Janet, Ruth, Sharon, Karen and Phoebe, thank you so much for letting me nag your ear off about the Miss Preston/England finals but you seemed to enjoy it!






The fundraiser was in aim to raise money for Rainbow House, which helps children with brain injuries and Down’s syndrome and autism live their lives to fullest. One example was a young girl who couldn’t use her legs, after 6 months at Rainbow House managed to walk with her mum down the aisle. It’s work like this that deserves the amount of money we raised, it was ¬£6,500!






This event withheld many business women who wanted to better themselves by getting more business contacts and also trying to get their new business off the ground, I know I met some inspiring women which has put me in better stead for the future! Absolutely precious times and opportunities like this are something to take with both hands and just gooooo for it.






Just like I planned to do for the rest of this day! I went ahead straight from this event to my little sister to grab some clothes from her to give to Cash For Clothes to raise money for Beauty With A Purpose! It was a lovely gesture from her and Suzanne, so thank you guys! Love ya xxxx







I’m cracking on with Miss England preps even more now, it’s coming round fast! Ahhhh!!!



Speak soon 



From Your Miss Preston xxx



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