Miss Preston attends Garstang Wedding week and models for The Dressing Room.

I woke up on Sunday morning still excited and bouncing from the Miss Cumbria final although all that excitement had certainly tired me out. Lucy and I woke up fairly early and left Carlisle in good time for me to get back to Garstang. I was excited for another busy day ahead and another appearance as Miss Preston.


The Dressing Room in Garstang is beautiful; I walked in to see the most beautiful of wedding dresses waiting for me. I was straight into hair and make-up, thank you Maxine from Beautify in Garstang who showed me how to contour; this is something I have always wanted to do myself but still to this day, I haven’t tried it, even after watching numerous YouTube videos and stalking Kim Kardashian on Instagram. I loved my natural looking hair and make-up, I much prefers something light wearing as opposed to heavy party make up, so thank you again Maxine for coming out and making me look presentable.


Miss Preston - Wedding Show

One of the gowns I modelled!


Miss Preston - Wedding Show



Straight after hair and make up, Cathay who owns the Dressing Room in Garstang help put me into a Sophia Tolli wedding dress! It was stunning, the pictures wouldn’t even do it justice but it was simply gorgeous. It gave me a sneak peak into how I would feel the day when I put ‘the’ dress on for my own wedding. David Millington from Contemporary Weddings came down to take the pictures. It was great to network and meet new people. This is something that the Miss Preston title has helped me with, and I am really grateful for.


I was more delighted to be asked to attend this day because I had grown up in Garstang all my life and had attended both primary school and secondary school there. So I was delighted to be back in my home-town making an appearance. The weather however didn’t feel the same, clearly! It was snowing; it was snowing when I had my pictures taken on Garstang High Street, in the market place and outside The Dressing Room. I was having that much fun that I hardly noticed how cold it was! Many people came up to me asking if I was cold!


Miss Preston - Wedding Show

Getting some practice in for my big day!


David was brilliant and had to also brave the snow and the wind with his camera equipment, however I am sure he was taken photos in much worse conditions! He was very professional and he has a lot of experience, it was a pleasure working with him and would love to work with him again. I loved the photos he took!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Dressing Room in Garstang for inviting me there to model for them, I had so much fun as I always do in there! The ladies are amazing and make you feel very special throughout the whole experience; I would recommend them to any bride to be! Their dress collection is outstanding and they have such a variety! And happy to announce that, that exact day I had bought my own wedding dress! Thank you to Cathy, Steph and Janet for always making me feel so welcome! What a truly amazing local business and Garstang.


Miss Preston - Wedding Show

With the lovely ladies from the shop!


Photo credit – David Millington at https://www.contemporary-weddings.com


Up and onto my next Miss Preston appearance,
Thank you for reading

Speph xxx




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