Miss Preston celebrates the 10th anniversary of Southport Food and Drink Festival 10th anniversary

Yooooo guys and girls!


I hope you’ve all been rooting for the Miss Southport girls and their final, because I know I have! They have worked so hard to be in the final and I’ve seen all their charity events and fundraising challenges and it’s been just brilliant. I’m ever so chuffed to all the events they have put on. I’m so lucky to be involved in this final tomorrow…


Talking about Southport, I was kindly invited into the Southport Food and Drink Festival 10th anniversary and to say that my day was jam packed would be an understatement. 






Myself, Miss Northwest and Miss Lancashire were lead around the festival and we stopped at a few stalls and become mini celebrities for the day! Many children would walk past, mouth agape and when we offered a picture to them, it was like christmas! It warmed my heart, really and truly.







The beginning of the day we went into an Afternoon Tea (A Great Little Place) in a tent in which served some beautiful little cupcakes and finger sandwiches; we also got a sneak peak at the 10th anniversary cake they made (including Sandy the bear!). This cafe is run by adults with autism who are given the opportunity to learn basic life skills and employability to further them in society. It’s such a wonderful thing to have experienced and a gorgeous young gentleman (Mark) was incredibly excited to see us! So we did the best we could and came to see him work and he surprised us with a little anecdote. 







He was in the final for Southport’s “Young Person of the Year” and was a runner up! From the whole of Team North, and personally Mark. Congratulations, you’re going to go far in life! Well Done 🙂






Overall, in the day we hung around with the Town Crier, and visited the Perfect Samosa (who are on Facebook by the way guys) and we all had a go at flaring!


For those who don’t know, I work in a bar so there was a little more pressure on me to perform better at flaring than Miss Lancashire and Miss Northwest but low and behold, Christina (Miss NW) was brilliant at it! She had it down to a T within a minute and myself and Lucy (Miss L) struggled for a bit hahaha, it was all a great laugh. The bartenders surely did laugh at us when we were just throwing bottles in the air and not catching them hahah!







We got a cheeky chance to make our own Mr Whippys and Christina did a good effort (shambles) at making a sundae but we cannot complain haha! It all went down a treat. 



This event was so lovely and I felt honoured to be a part of it all. I’m thoroughly looking forward to my next event but until then… the Miss Southport girls need my support! So off I go!




Bye for now guys, lots of love, Elizabeth, your Miss Preston! x x x




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