Miss Preston goes to Thailand!

Well I have been extremely busy the past couple of weeks…

I have been in Thailand, one of my favourite countries in the world. I have had the best two weeks of my life. I and my Fiancée had a long flight with a change over in Abu Dhabi, which gave us a chance to stretch our legs.

Thailand would be our home for the next 2 weeks. We arrived in Bangkok on the Sunday morning at 7am, this was probably the best time to travel as the majority of the people in Bangkok were still asleep with it being the weekend.

Miss Preston Thailand

We took the sky train to our hotel; Pathuwan Princess hotel. Unfortunately it was too early for us to check in but the receptionist was so accommodating and apologised about the room not being ready and upgraded us to an executive suite, Paul and I couldn’t believe our luck, the hotel was gorgeous!

Whilst in Bangkok we had a list of what we wanted to go and see and do. We knew Bangkok wasn’t going to be the sunbathing part of our holiday, but Paul and I wanted to see the ‘real’ Thailand.

We visited the floating markets, temples, Grand Palace, coconut farms and the famous Khao San Road. I even got to hold a fully-grown Python!

Miss Preston Thailand

We visited other places such as the night market, we had a fantastic meal on the 64th floor of Lebua State Tower where the views were incredible, stepping out onto the sky bar took my breath away! Bangkok really is a beautiful city, one that never sleeps.

We can see why the film producers of The Hangover 2 chose to film certain scenes at the top of this beautiful landmark. We could see all of Bangkok. The food didn’t disappoint either. The meal marked our engagement anniversary, and was one to remember.

Miss Preston Thailand

The thing I love about Thailand so much is the fresh vibrant food that they have to offer everywhere, from restaurants to small street food, it didn’t fault; the food was delicious and so much tastier than ‘Thai’ food back at home.

Paul was a massive fan as this was his first time trying real Thai food and he loved it! Who could blame him, the food was to die for! Every dish was incredible I don’t re call a single bad meal that we had, not one.

Our 5 nights in Bangkok was soon over, we couldn’t believe how fast it had gone! Our wacky Tuk Tuk rides around the city had come to an end way too soon, but off to Koh Sumui we went.

Miss Preston Thailand

It was both our first time in Koh Sumui, I had been to the other side of Thailand; Phuket, Krabi and Koh Phi Phiso, we were both in for a treat. Koh Sumui lived up to our expectations and more, what a beautiful island with the most stunning beaches the world has to offer.

Our Villa was stunning and we had an amazing view walking down the steps to breakfast each morning and sitting next to the sea sipping cocktails at night. The great thing about Thailand is there is so much to do both day and night; we really were spoilt for choice.

Miss Preston Thailand

We hired a moped for the week so we can go wherever we wanted. We went on a boat trip to Nang Yuan and Koh Tao where we snorkelled amongst the fish. We stood at the top viewpoints to get the best photographs, took elephant rides through the jungle and waterfalls, went to secluded beaches, and the best beach party on the island at night, the list goes on!

Miss Preston Thailand 4

I’m not sure whether any other country will ever knock Thailand off the top spot for me, but I feel extremely lucky to have been able to see and travel as much as I have in life and will never take for granted my life experiences.

I am also so lucky to experience all of this with my best friend and Fiancée, Paul. I’m sad to be at home so soon but thankful for the best time ever in Thailand… until next time!

Miss Preston Thailand 6

Love Miss Preston xx



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