Miss Preston is on her way to the Miss England Semi Finals




I wish I kind of had more time to do some fundraising for the Miss England semi finals, but life doesn’t always go to plan does it? Usually when you have money, and enough to live comfortably… your car breaks down? Or you need to fix the house or something that usually costs a large amount of money. And that’s exactly what happened to me.




I had been crowned in April (blessed) and then I had revision for my three exams in a week… then I was playing catch up with the rest of my Miss Preston and Miss England Semi blogs and appearances. Time management is a huge thing, just in general… and thats come into fruition now hahaha!




I managed to get some fundraising prep done in the last few days now, towards the beginning of the week up to the Miss England Semi Finals (with the help of my super star boyfriend at the time).




We stayed up until the sun arose around 4 in the morning, and we were making some home made little cones of sweeties all that we bought from Asda that night.





With us both topped up on toffee lattes from McDonalds and some extra sweeties and a Drake playlist, we were good to go!



12.00pm next day… 40 little bags of sweets later, all with personalised little tags on (to spare 50p from them to vote for me in the semi finals) we escorted ourselves into town to find some generous individuals to help me.






Equipped with my Miss Preston crown and sash, we paraded around town with a Beauty with a Purpose bucket and the sweetie cones loaded inside and approached boutiques up and down Cannon Street to ask for some lavish gifts to raffle off.






I was so lucky to be given such amazing gifts, I’m ever so grateful for everything! It’s more than enough to raise a substantial amount of money from people, and all the money does go to BWAP, a magnificent charity in which it encourages the breakdown of stereotypes of “beauty pageants” and urges people to look beyond just the exterior looks of individuals in pageants such as Miss England, and look at the bigger picture as what the individual can offer.




It’s a wonderful idea, and I know after the Miss England Semis (and hopefully the Miss England Final) I will continue to raise money for the BWAP Charity to raise more awareness. I found around Preston, a lot of people didn’t know about the charity itself, so more coverage is needed in my area. But don’t worry guys, I’m on the case…






Anyway guys, it’s currently 2.00am on Wednesday morning (8th June) and I’ve got another buuuuuuuuusy day tomorrow.




Collecting raffle tickets! 🙂 I shall keep all you lovely guys and gals updated on my fundraising adventures soon, I’m looking forward to sharing it all with you!




I’m getting used to the blog malarkey, so you’ll see more blogs to comeeee!



Night god bless y’all, love youuuuuuu




From a sleepy Miss Preston x x x



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