Miss Preston Judges Miss Bury and Bolton.

Words cannot describe how much I love my Miss England family, and I was lucky enough to spend yet another weekend being surrounded by such inspiring girls and Mark of course! I am truly grateful everyday to be apart of such an amazing team that have changed my life for the better!


They have made me grow as a person and helped me to utilise my strengths and fulfil everything that I have wanted to do with the my title and much more. I was asked to judge Miss Bolton and Bury, why would I turn that down!? It is an honour to be asked to judge so of course I said yes!


Miss Preston - Bolton and Bury

Me, Ivy (Junior Miss Preston Guild) and Liv (Junior Miss Fylde Coast) Photo Credit: Andy Bristow Photography


So the weekend was under-way, we started with interview day on the Saturday, and this was my first opportunity to meet this years finalists! The winner of this year’s title will hold both the Bury and Bolton title so they have not only one but two pairs of shoes to fill and big ones at that.


Lucy and Chelsea you have been amazing and have really done Bolton and Bury proud. Both of you have been such a fantastic example of a ‘Miss’ and what the title entails. You have both thrown yourselves out there and got involved in everything you could possibly do. I hope the girls learn a lot from you and really try to be half as amazing as both of you two have been.


Miss Preston - Bolton and Bury

Me and Lucy 🙂


This years finalists! Well all I can say is what an amazing group of girls! They were truly fantastic and finding out what they had been doing to prepare for this weekend was a great bonus! The girls have worked so hard to raise money for the Variety Club children’s charity and gain public votes! A huge well done to each and every one of you for all your efforts.


The standard was so high this weekend, and it made our decision to pick a winner extremely hard! Especially when I saw you all on stage making yourselves and everyone else proud of you! The decision was a hard one but somehow we picked a winner, and an amazing one at that! Congratulations to Laura Collins the new Miss Bolton and Bury 2015, and Giorgia Frost, Junior Miss Bolton and Bury, you both will be truly amazing and I wish you the greatest of luck for the year ahead of you. We will all support you through this amazing experience and you know I am here to help and give advice if you need it!


Miss Preston - Bolton and Bury

Such a privilege to be a Miss and to be a judge too!!


I also wanted to say thank you to Lucy and Chelsea for being such amazing tittle holders and brilliant friends I love you both and you should be so proud of what you have achieved over the past year and more!


Untill next time,
Steph xxxx



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