Miss Preston judges Miss Cumbria 2015.

I was over the moon when I was asked to judge the Miss Cumbria 2015 final, not only would I get the chance to get to know each finalist I also knew I would get to see my Miss England family, so naturally I jumped at the chance.


The first day consisted of interviews, we get to have a nice chat with each finalist and ask them about what and how they have raised money for charity, what they would like to do with the title if they were to win Miss Cumbria and many other questions. I really enjoy the interview day; I really feel as though you get to know the girls. It’s great to hear all the different charity fundraising ideas they have and what they are going to be wearing on the night.


I judged alongside Claire Beeby and Lucy Physick (Miss Bolton), it is always amazing catching up with these two and I think it’s great how we find different qualities in each of the girls. We love to share our opinions and thoughts with each other and that really helps us pick the right girl to be the next Miss Cumbria, at the end of the day we needed to find a great ambassador for the title.


Miss Preston - Miss Cumbria 2015

Me, Lucy and Beeby 🙂


This year’s group of girls were brilliant and they really hit it of with each other, they were like one big family over the weekend and that’s how it should be! It was great to see relationships forming and I’m sure a lot of them have met friends for life that they will keep in touch with.


On stage every one of them shone! They looked amazing and you could tell that every girl was having fun and enjoying the whole experience. I couldn’t help but smile when the next girl came on stage; they really did themselves and all their friends and family proud. It was also great to see how their confidence had come on leaps and bounds throughout the event!


I would like to wish massive congratulations to Jordan Smith on becoming the new Miss Cumbria 2015, you were amazing and you truly deserved it! I wish you every great success for the year and at the all-important Miss England final! Go and do us proud, we all know you will!


Thank you for reading and speak to you soon!


Steph – Miss Preston. xxx



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