Miss Preston (and Miss England) Competes In Sport Round Of Miss World

Our reigning Miss Preston and Miss England is currently across the pond in Washington DC, and she’s just finished showing off her athleticism in the sports road of the competition. 


It involved sprints, relay races, long jump, shot put and a fully clothed jump into the pool to finish.

Writing about the experience on social media, Elizabeth said:


“But oh my god it was pretty hard to be honest. White and blue did put up a good fight I mean New Zealand and Croatia (woah girls!)

But my girl. My tribal sister. My Miss World – Cook Islands 2016!

FIRST in shot put. FIRST in long jump and THIRD in sprints! Top 5 in the fastest girls too!

Oh my god I couldn’t be prouder, of red team, of Nat, of blue and white team. Honestly adore the bones of you all! I was pretty apprehensive at first since I’ve not competed in sports for years but it was good!

Genuinely forgot how much I love running and athletics!”


Here are some photos of the day:














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