Miss Preston modelling in the rain at Windrush Festival

Hi guys,



Well, Saturday 26th June didn’t exactly look like the prettiest of days to have a Carribbean Carnival… But did that stop us carrying on. NO!






Honestly I think the organisers wanted to end it sooner but everyone was still dancing so they kept it going! It was a brilliant day, I ended up creating the choreography for us models as nobody had done it before we got there!






All the organisers thought everybody else had sorted out the choreography so when it came to 20 minutes before we were on, the girls (including myself) were flapping about what we are going to do. Miss Preston to the rescue! I planned out where to walk and pose and all is well… Then the rain came down. All our makeup was going to run and our hair was going to drop! DISASTER.





My family and organisers came to the rescue and asked the audience if we can lend some umbrellas for he fashion show to go on and they came in thick and fast, they were all sooo supportive, awwww.



Anyway the fashion show goes on and it’s an absolute blast! I loved strutting around the grass in the outfits I got chosen for me!












For the rest of the day my family and I just chucked our brollies under the table and just danced in the rain until it ended, around 7 ish. I can’t believe this was my first Windrush! I’ll definitely be going back next year, yay!













All the models said they’ll be backing me in Miss England in a month so I’m ever so excited to have some more support, it’s so lovely to have that reinforcing network. It really aids me when I’m not feeling the best ❤️



But for now guys and gals, all is well for Miss Preston. Hope you guys are all taking care and loving liiiiiife as much as I am right now! (I feel really happy tonight)




Ciao from Your Miss Preston, love you! X X X



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