Miss Preston – My first judging experience.

Last weekend I made my first ever appearance as a judge.


To make it even more special it was the first ever Miss Junior North West competition. I had attended many competitions before to watch and offer a helping hand, however this time it was different from all the rest, I could see it was going to be the toughest competition yet as the standard was so high.



Miss Preston - Judging

Meet the judges! From left to right – Miss Lancashire, Miss Bolton and Miss Preston.



Each girl had an interview with myself, Miss Bolton (Lucy Physick) and Miss Lancashire (Mary-Kate McKay). The girls interviewed so well and didn’t let nerves put them off their game.


I couldn’t believe how well some of the girls answered some of the questions, some questions we made harder in hope that we could split the ladies from the girls. I couldn’t believe how mature the girls were, not only that but they had such good attitude every single one of them knew what they wanted to take from this amazing opportunity.

The girls could ask us judges for any advice about the competition and about life experiences in general. It was a pleasure to be apart of the discussions, where I hope they learned that being Miss Junior North West isn’t about what you look like and who is the ‘best looking’ because it isn’t, it’s about being a role-model, and community giver and a leader.


I hope the girls overcame some self-esteem issues, I know we all have them. I couldn’t imagine being their age again as I truly believe that being a teenager can be the hardest part of your life, typically at that age people judge and make assumptions and can be really nasty to each other. I know some of the girls had already taken a lot of stick for entering the competition.


Some people can be so cruel but I hope they let out their feelings and came away feeling 100 times better and more confident in than ever before after the show.


The show was truly amazing and you could tell that all the girls had worked so hard throughout the rehearsals. Their routines were spotless! It was a pleasure to watch.


I hope every girl had the time of their lives and came away with new friends for life. I hope it boosted their confidence because this particular group of girls were phenomenal! Each and every one of you should be proud of what you have achieved as well as how much love and support you all showed each other. This is what Miss England is about after all!


We each found it so hard to pick a winner!  I struggled to pick between the top two, it literally came down to the last round! A huge congratulations to Skye Mitchell on grabbing the title this year! I hope you have a fantastic year and grab it by both hands and really have fun with it!

I couldn’t resist a crown selfie on the way back from interview day!

Miss Preston - Judging


Speak again soon,

Much Love, Miss Preston xxx



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