Miss Preston sails to Bruges!

So this weekend I went to Bruges on a works staff do, we travelled to Hull where we got on the Ferry and sailed into Bruges overnight. I usually get really bad sea sickness but this was a very large ferry and the swaying wasn’t too bad. I just made sure I took some seasickness tablets before we set off.


Miss Preston - Bruges

The Ferry!


On the ferry we had dinner and there was plenty to choose from, they had everything from curries to a full roast dinner, I was spoilt for choice and tried a bit of everything. After dinner it was time for drinks and a bit of work team bonding and of course time for a shop in duty free. There was nothing quite like shopping in duty free with a glass of Prosecco.


We arrived into Bruges around 9am the next morning, the coach took us from the ship into the centre where we spent the day site seeing, shopping and trying out all the local beers. The buildings and architecture in Bruges are incredible and I took many pictures throughout the day.


Miss Preston - Bruges

Beautiful Architecture!


I loved how Bruges was so beautiful and loved all the small alleys or gorgeous boutique clothing. Amongst all the shopping and site seeing we made time to sit down and have a nice hot chocolate, made with Belgian chocolate of course!


I have so much to talk about, but I will let this next week go by and I will catch up with you all soon!


Miss Preston - Bruges

Miss Preston – Bruges.


Over the next couple of weeks I have quite a few events to attend, I am very much looking forward to meeting the Miss Cumbria finalists this year, I will also be one of the judging panel, this is such a honour and I love every second of everything I do with Miss England.


I will also be attending Garstang Wedding Week where I will be modelling for The Dressing Room in Garstang in a catwalk show.


Thank you for reading,

Best Wishes, Steph xxx



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