Miss Preston shows off her crown to Preston

Hey again!



I’ve been meaning to make a blog about all the amazing chances I’ve been given to show off my crown and proudly represent Preston!



Other than the overwhelming support and congratulations from my friends and family I’ve been some what inundated with chances to appear at festivals, fairs, and a Miss Southport Fashion Show in which we recruited many beautiful girls who I can’t wait to meet at the Miss Southport final in a couple of weekends!






The Southport Fashion Show was such a wonderful experience, and it was especially meaningful for me as it was my first appearance as Miss Preston! The show was such a brilliant performance and I bought myself a few little goodies for the stall (as well as mentally spending the rest of my wages on the stalls there).







I’ve been to Southport many of times in my life but I have never seen nor heard of these little boutiques and they have such beautiful summer numbers! I know I will definitely be getting my summer treats from these shops!




Our very own Mr England, Chris Brambell, attended this southport event and it was so lovely and comforting to hear his journey into Mr England and the opportunities that have arisen from him entering Mr World. As a fellow student living in the land of the scouse (Liverpool) I wish you the best of luck in Mr World. As promised I shall be cheering you on at the competition!







OH. And I’ve had a small TV appearance with ThatsTV from UCLAN and they let us give our feelings as to winning the competition and what it means to hold this prestigious title. The nerves would have shown more on TV if I wasn’t with our Steph Bryne and my little sister Junior Miss Preston. That was a surreal feeling to reflect back on it and hopefully there will be more appearances on TV and even radio… Only one can dream ey’.







I’ve also been to it’s a knockout at the Prest Fest fair which was brilliant! Now, I am quite a competitive person (anybody who knows me well can vouch for me on that) and the teams that were pitted against one another at it’s a knockout where something else!





However, I have gathered an idea for fundraising which will involve it’s A Knockout.. it’s a working process so just keep your eyes peeled!







Myself and a few Junior Misses (North West, Lancashire, Preston) came to a Pink Ribbon Charity event which was lovely to be apart of. All the little trinket stalls were so sweet and to round the day off with a high, we all got our own personalised Housten Charm with our name and our titles on a bracelet.






I would be lying to say I don’t wear it all the time, so thank you for that Angela



I’ve most recently been to a primary school in Bolton to discuss inner beauty and have a Q&A with some very enthusiastic 9 year olds. They also had a go at walking on their own catwalk, and they put me to shame! I’ll be using their moves and dances in the future I’m sure, haha!







My next event is Miss Southport in a couple of weeks and I’m very ready to be there and to actually help out. I want to be what Christina (Miss North West) and Abbi (Former Junior Miss Preston) where to me, they calmed my nerves before I went on stage. It’s always helpful to have a calming voice and a hand to hold when you’re feeling anxious.. And anybody competing in the Miss Southport finals who are anxious and reading this.




Feel free to come and chat to me, I’m more than happy to take my time out and talk about anything and everything!




Lots of love, Your Miss Preston x x x





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