Miss Preston – Steph Leeson – Judges at the Garstang Children’s Festival

Hi ladies and gentleman

I hope you have all had a good couple of weeks.

I was honoured to judge this year’s Garstang Children’s festival. For years this particular weekend has been a massive part of my life so naturally I loved getting involved. The sun even shined so even better!

All the floats were amazing and you could tell a lot of effort had been put into each and every one of them. I had to score them out of 10. This was based on my initial response and how much effort I thought had been put into the float as well as taking into account how many children were on the float or walking along with the float.

Miss Preston - Steph Leeson

Miss Preston – Steph Leeson – Judges a the Garstang Children’s Festival!

I couldn’t believe how good some of the floats were and how much detail people had gone to you could tell it was a real community effort. I sat on the square where the parade set off and watched each of on them go past. Actually being able to see each one float in such thorough detail was amazing it took me back to my childhood.

Once we had watched the procession go round twice, the newly crowned Garstang festival queen and retiring queen gathered for lunch in the old art centre, we were joined by the mayor and mayoress as well as all the Garstang Children’s Festival committee.

After lunch all three of us judges got together and chose our winning floats. I couldn’t wait to share my opinions and preferences. It was a good team effort.

I was invited back to judge later on, this was to judge the fancy dress round of the parade and I loved seeing all the funny ideas yet original ideas that people had come up with.

Miss Preston - Steph Leeson

Miss Preston – Steph Leeson – at the Garstang Children’s Festival.


With the other judges at the festival Bill and Jean were so welcoming throughout the day and I would to say a very big thank you to them both (jean far left) Bill is in the middle and Lady Ducie on the end.

Miss Preston - Steph Leeson

Miss Preston – Steph Leeson – and the Queens of the Garstang Children’s Festival


Above the festival queen and retiring queen.

I had an amazing weekend and would love to take part and help again next year. I should have some more news for you next week as I will be taking part in the Preston city games.

Speak to you all again soon.

Best wishes,

Steph – Miss Preston xx




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