Miss Preston, “The Princess” at Leyland Playscheme

Hi Guys!



Well, Playscheme is something that is close to my heart as it acts like a second family. Genuinely. I’m there for 10 days, every year and I have always come away with new memories and I’ve never not had fun.






Playscheme for those who don’t know is a summer camp for children, two weeks of the year and they come and go on trips and have fun with leaders (such as myself) in our pyjamas at bowling. Or in fancy dress at the ice rink. It’s the most fun I’ve had, everrrr.







And last year I fortunately got promoted to senior leader which meant more responsibility but I can help more behind the scenes (ooohhhh) and this includes being apart of Festivals such as one that happened this Saturday!



We had a big float in which we did our playscheme dances, with capes, all throughout Leyland. Now this sounds mad, but I tell you it’s so much fun! I even saw some kids who were in my section last year and they came running up to the float to dance with me! Small things like that really make me smile, children remembering me after a year. It’s memories for them never mind me, and I created those memories. I just love that feeling.




Anyway, the organiser, Emma¬†Cowan, his daughter Lia thought I was a princess (with the Miss Preston crown) so I decided to take it to this festival and surprise her! She was gobsmacked, she didn’t speak Hahahah! Just her mouth was open. And then all hell broke loose. All the kids wanted to play with “the princess” so we killed two birds with one stone (not literally guys).







Our game was to give out the most Playscheme leaflets! We got rid of about 500 so these kids were veeeery good, and enthusiastic hahah! I’ll take some credit of it though, muahaha.




After that, I ended up walking around the festival and I found the street monkeys! I’ve known a few of these lads for a few years, and now they’re onto bigger and better things so I’m proud of them all. To prove that, I let one of them flip right over me, with the hints from the street monkeys and a South Ribble Journalist!






Apparently it turned out into a good picture, so keep on the update! I’ll post the picture when it comes up but for now. It’s back to making little personalised notes for Miss England.






Ciao my beauties, Your Miss Preston xxxx



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