“Entering a beauty pageant is like entering into a family.”

When people hear beauty pageants their stereotypical view is that it is purely and simply based on appearance. People assume that a group of girls are judged on how beautiful they are or are not.

Many look down their nose at beauty pageants as they believe they are demeaning towards girls and women. I am not saying that these people are wrong or that their opinions are not valuable. I believe everyone should speak and say what they believe.


Junior Miss Preston - Molly Hilton make-up and clothing are superficial, they enhance your aesthetic beauty – but what enhances your inner beauty?


However, I am writing this to show my views on Beauty Pageants through the Miss England Team. Particularly the Miss England North West Team. I’m going to begin with when I got scouted to enter Junior Miss Preston 2013 in the St George’s shopping centre in Preston.

All of the team working that day we’re incredibly friendly and encouraging but not forceful at all. With help from the team I filled in a simple form and sent a couple of photo’s on myself to the email they had given me.

Once I had gained a place in the final for Junior Miss Preston I was invited to a ‘meet and greet’ day with all of the finalists and a few members of the North West team. The day was based around everyone in the room getting to know each other and to have a good time together of course!

Nobody was pointed out as superior to the others nor was it suggested. The day was filled with happiness and I am grateful for the amazing girls I got to compete beside. Not only did we go to the ‘meet and greet’ day, myself and the other finalist girls created a group inbox and organised a lovely meal at Nandos before the final.


Junior Miss Preston - Molly Hilton Some that we at Team North like to live by – #TeamNorth’sMotto #TheMissEnglandMotto


The meal was lovely and we all bonded a lot which was great! The group inbox continued and we all helped each other with ideas and more for the final.

More about the actuall competition.

For the competition we had to raise as much money as possible for the Variety, the Children’s Charity. It was a pleasure to raise money for such an incredible charity and I hope that all the money raised during the finals of all the Miss England North West heats have made a huge and excellent difference!

Creating my Eco outfit was also a fantastic experience and great fun! Seeing all the different Eco outfits was amazing.

On the day of the final there were no competitive vibes. Yes there were nerves and worries but we were all there for each other. Overall what I’m trying to say is that entering the beauty pageant, Junior Miss Preston, was one of the best things I have ever done and winning the title was my proudest moment to date.

Entering a beauty pageant is like entering into a family. A family full of smiles and friendship and a lifetime of support. It was an experience I would be honoured and thoroughly glad to relive.

One way I recently saw to describe beauty pageant winners was written by Mark Jones, an incredible man who is a credit to the Miss England Team. He said: – ‘It’s not about being the best looking or having the best dress, we left that behind in the 70’s. As I always say, we are not looking for the perfect dress but the perfect girl in the dress. A role model, an ambassador, someone beautiful inside and out with a kind and pure heart that wants to make a difference to others not themselves.’

Junior Miss Preston - Molly Hilton

“Keep your Hearts Beautiful”

Pure and true beauty is on the inside and shines throughout to be shown on the outside as well. Keep your hearts beautiful.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope you really enjoyed it. Have an incredible week and for those who have finished their GCSE exams like me, enjoy your summer!

Lots of love, Molly x



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Beauty is being the best possible version of you on the inside and out