Junior Miss Preston’s excitement as new sister joins Team North

Hello everyone,


Well… it’s definitely safe to say since I last wrote, a lot has changed as you will have probably noticed.

About a month ago now, I received a very important phone call from Mark, explaining that in a couple of days we were going to be crowning the new Miss Preston.


As you can imagine, I was very confused and shocked as to what had happened with regards to Dominique having to step down from the role as Miss Preston. Knowing Dominique well, and knowing how much she cherished her role as Miss Preston and worked her little socks off for years to become a ‘Miss’ – I knew there would have to of been something huge for her to step down as I knew how much it meant to her.


Miss Preston and Junior Miss Preston


I had a long, tearful but most importantly, supportive conversation with the beautiful lady herself. I would again like to take this opportunity to congratulate my gorgeous big sister on her new, once is a life time opportunity job that she got offered and of course could NOT turn down. She really is one of the most incredible people I know and is a true inspiration to not only just myself, but also a lot of other people who I know personally, and some who I don’t even know. She really has touched a lot of people with some of the things she has done along with her incredible charitable efforts.




Throughout Dominique’s few months of becoming Miss Preston, and of course – even before she was crowned – she achieved some incredible things… I mean – its not every day you come across someone who has raised nearly £50,000 for charity is it?


I am so so so so so so so so so so so so so (you get it) proud of my girl, and I couldn’t of had a better, and more supportive and amazing young lady beside me throughout the first few months of my title as Junior Miss Preston.




As a result of this, I would like to congratulate my wonderful friend, and the amazing, well deserved, runner up of Miss Preston 2015 – Holly Moore. I am so privileged to have a new big sister as fantastic as I know you will be, and I can’t wait for the rest of our year together. From supporting you in every heat you have competed in in the past, I think it is 1000% safe to say you more than deserving of this opportunity!




I can’t wait to see what the future holds for my 2 beautiful girls Dominique and Holly and I am so proud of them both!


As for Dominique, as Team North have told her a number of time… she can’t get away from us that easy sorry;)! I’m more than sure we will be seeing you very soon – my friend, and sister, for life.


Now I am back from my jolly holiday in Portugal – I cant wait to get my pen to paper and plan some amazing events throughout summer and coming up to Christmas…. Watch this space!


In the mean time- if anyone has any blog ideas for me they would like me to speak about, please get in touch as I would love for you to be involved.




Lots of love.
Junior Miss Preston 2015/16
Abbie xxx



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