Miss Preston trains to be Army Reservist.

Miss Preston - Steph Leeson.

Hi there

I hope everyone has had a good couple of weeks.

So last time my blog was about charity netball tournaments, this one is a little bit different.

Last weekend I went forward for my army selection process to join the army reserves as a combat medical technician (a paramedic on the field). I knew I was in for a tiring but fun weekend, providing everything went well.

I travelled down on the Saturday morning and caught the train from Manchester Piccadilly at 6am in the morning. Not my usual Saturday waking time! It took around 2.5 hours to travel to Lichfield with a few changes in between.

On arrival we had to line up ready for instructions, we had to get out all of our educational certificates and photo identification ready for scanning.

The army selection process is split up into different stages. There is a Barb test, this is a reasoning test which is completed on a computer and takes around half an hour. I had to answer as many questions I could as quickly as I could.

There were different stages to the barb, one stage was English, the other mathematics and the final was reasoning.

The second stage was an army medical which was to be completed by one of the army Doctors on site at the medical centre. This included a hearing test a lung capacity test, having my height and weight taken and sitting in with the doctor and having various other tests.

There isn’t really anything interesting to tell you about the army medical test, because there was a lot of waiting around that day ensuring that all the candidates had completed all the medical tests needed.

The next part of the selection process were the physical tests. I had to complete a Jerry can carry which consisted of lifting to cans filled with water weighing 20kg each and carrying them a certain distance. I managed to carry above what I needed to and completed the course.

The second part of the physical tests was a bag lift, starting at 15kg we had to lift a bag onto the platform without use of any other body parts apart from your arms and hands. The weights went up to 40kg and to be a a combat medical technician I had to lift 30kg at least.

I managed to lift to 40kg the max weight so I was very pleased with myself, but I think it was my determination that got me through.

Miss Preston - Steph Leeson.

The final part of the physical test was a 2.5 mile run which had to be completed in under 14 minutes. This run included an 800m warm up before the run had even started so the run felt a lot longer than it had to be.

I managed to complete the run in 10 minutes. I felt like I could have gone quicker but next time I will train more and try and better my time.

The final part of the selection stage was the command tasks and grenade throw task. This was part of the selection stage that I enjoyed the most. I have previously completed command tasks before so I felt confident going into this final stage.

We had various obstacles to cross with certain rules. There were certain areas where we weren’t allowed to step and only a certain amount of people were allowed to step in certain areas at one time.

I really enjoyed my weekend and I only had one thing left to complete, an interview with one of the Majors in the army.

I sat in with major who asked me various questions about my spare time, where my training would be and how long my training would be for. The Major also would give me full feedback from the whole weekend.

I received an A grade which I was exceptionally pleased with as the Major had informed me that this was very rare.

I went away exhausted from the weekend but ready to start my training  to become an  army reservist.

Speak to you soon and take care!

Love Miss Preston




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