Wedding plans galore for our Miss Preston – Steph Leeson.

So the past few weeks I have been busy wedding planning. The venue is booked, the church is booked, I have asked my best friends to be bridesmaids, and my sister is chief bridesmaid, its all starting to feel real now.


Social media has really helped with wedding ideas, everything from table layouts to colour themes and bridesmaid dresses. I have decided to book and sort everything myself, this way I know what exactly has been done and what still needs following up.


Planning a wedding is extremely fun and exciting but I can’t help feel nervous about the whole thing I’m sure it will all run smoothly on the day, fingers crossed.


The venue is in the Lake District, our reception will be held at Abbey House Hotel and gardens. We both fell in love with the venue when we saw it! After a good walk around and a sit down with one of the wedding planners, we were smitten we knew this was going to be the venue!


Miss Preston - Wedding Planning

The Venue – Abbey House Hotel and gardens.


We soon found a lovely church nearby and managed to get both the church and the venue booked within two weeks. The wedding is in August, and there is still an extremely large amount of things that need sorting yet. I’m going to make myself a checklist so I can’t miss anything off.


As you all probably know, this will be the 1st and last Miss England title I will hold. There is going to be no time to enter another heat so I’m going to make the very most of my next few months.


I have a few exciting things booked for the next few months as Miss Preston, I will be abseiling off the Big One at Blackpool Pleasure Beach for we well deserving charity ABF The Soldiers Charity. A charity which is very close to my heart. I will also be judging Miss Cumbria 2015 as well as attending a charity fashion show and a few photo-shoots. This is just some of the things I will be getting up to, I have lots more planned yet and will keep you informed.


Speak to you soon
Love Steph, Miss Preston xx



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