What happened to Miss Preston at the Miss England Semi Finals?

AH TODAY IS THE BIG DAY WHAT THE HELL. It’s the Miss England semi… I am in the Miss England semi final?! It just feels incredible. Anyway the day commences! …




After getting in and registering and what not (I was actually one of the first ones to be there, I just took everything in and went for a wander. Kelham Hall it’s self is actually incredible, I can’t believe how incredibly structured it was!




All the girls came in their Eco dresses and some were iiiiiincredible! Some were half passed down and they did their own design on it, some (like my own) were just charity shop bought and some were fully hand crafted in newspapers etc. it took some doing to get some girls in their outfits though, hahah! I had my pictures done with the group of girls in my table, who actually turned out to be my closest friends out of the final.







Since I had never done a pageant before never mind being in Miss England!? I was just expecting everybody’s stories of their heats and past attempts at Miss England to be similar to the ones I’d heard before… Oh no… Oh god no they were all different!! I spoke to one girl who was in the South London Heat and instead of a “party round” that I assumed everybody had, she had to put in her opinion of the EU Referendum?




“Quick guys time for rehearsal” ahhhhhh. This was the exciting bit!!! We got to be on stage with everyone so we can find our feet on stage. Now I thought we would have loads of time to go over it with it being, yknow, the semi finals, but no. One or two go’s and then… “Go and get ready for the show!”






Honestly every moment was jam packed, one minute we had to rehearse, the next we were shoving our faces with food, cos… It’s hard work you know these pageants! And a girls gotta eat. SO we had a beautiful tutorial of Silk Powder make up and how to apply it so as I was redoing my make up, I copied her step by step… My makeup has never come out so good haha! I even had to get up close and personal when she did winged eyeliner.



She taught me a new top tip though! So I’ll definitely be using that for my next night out and the Miss England final! Anyway when we were all getting ready for the final, and it was so lovely to see all the girls come together to help. Girls choosing hairstyles, picking the best jewellery and actually getting to know one another. At that point I knew I bonded with these girls massively. They let their guard down and either ranted or just told funny stories about their lives, just girly things. It was sweet, and at that point I was like “today is absolutely heavenly” and even if I was to not get through, I would have just been as happy watching these girls get up on that stage and wuuuurk it.






Well.. Like the Miss Preston Heat, as soon as I stepped onto that catwalk it was just… Wow. The adrenaline hit me and it just went by in a flash! As we came off the last time I couldn’t believe it’s actually finished *cry*






Then come the results and the girls were so supportive of every. Single. Girl. Now in a competition like this, you wouldn’t think or imagine girls all competing against one another to be clapping, hugging, praying and cheering for other girls getting through when they haven’t! Absolutely smashed my old stereotype of pageants. I COULD NOT believe my name had been read out, like it’s magical. It’s a remarkable feeling, I clocked my number being read out and then my name followed, but it followed in slow motion. Absolutely mad.






I couldn’t stop smiling all the way home and through drinks afterwards… And through driving home the next day. All that was going through my head was “oh my days, I’m a finalist for Miss. England.” Jheeeez.






When somebody finds my head, please send it back… It might be in the clouds. Someone send it back to me please..



Thank you!



From Your Miss Preston 2016, Elizabeth xxx



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